BP- VR- Our Fuel Story

Screened at the Berlin Tempelhof Airport, one of the most historic and iconic venues in the world. This monumental sized animation was shown at a full scale sized dome.

Done for Immersive BP, this particular piece of the animation shows the research and scientific data that went into the "green active fuel".

BP´s new and innovating cleaning engine fuel.

The animation was as well  made for Virtual Reality. Audiences would be given an app after the show to revive it in a 360 immersive VR experience.


Excision Visuals Tour 2016 & 2017

Visuals done for the world renowned Canadian DJ and producer Excision. Of his latest Tours 2016 & 2017 on the Paradox stage.

The visuals were showcased live in more than 50 dates concerts and festivals across the U.S in 2017 alone in some of the most iconic Venues.

Interactive 3D model of the project, click PLAY to navigate.


Excision Tour 2014

Visuals for the 2014 tour


Stand up to Cancer - Channel 4

The first projection mapped television set for UK live-broadcast TV.

Stand Up 2 Cancer’s initiative is to accelerate innovative cancer research so that new therapies get to patients quickly.

The campaign raised more than £8 million for Cancer Research in the UK – becoming the most successful first-year telethon ever held in the UK and funding 12 clinical trials.

Done for Channel 4 with Immersive.